Personal Update

I have the unbearable urge to write today. If you write, perhaps you understand what that is like. For me, it happens when the inner monologues grow & grow until I simply break out my electronic discard journal, an untitled document I use to write until I experience relief then discard-without saving. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly anxiety at work. The good news is Mind Valley Academy is offering a free course in lucid dreaming, which can be quite effective at helping with a lot of different issues & at resolving all sorts of problems.

Their index of classes🙌

Pause to Explore Bucket List


I know…I haven’t posted, for too long. Someone I loved passed and I am not very good at moving through grief.

I am currently working on striving to create a set of creative journals in the hopes I can make them available for sale, probably on Amazon. Like most of my business ventures/aspirations-issues and challenges arise. My laptop has been having system issues since I upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu; my hope is that patiently updating the software will correct this. While I can do many things using this smartphone, I know much of the software available for my laptop would prove even more useful.

I am also currently struggling to encourage my mind to learn Japanese, another bucket list item. Eventually, I’d like to spend time learning about food and health choices from the longer life span communities around the world. I want to create a longevity diet fusion cookbook😆

I suspect that I, like the above image, am merely a colorful butterfly amidst a bunch of blossoms.

More on American Inequality

This morning, my #poverty WP Reader search brought up this Radical Scholarship blog post, ‘Parents and Language: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

For me, this was a fascinating and insightful read. I grew up working-class, attended a school system focused on conformity and intellectual superiorism. Messages that I must be ‘more’ capable because of my high, broad-range aptitude and comprehension test scores were a regular part of that. As an adult, I am very aware of how black and white the thinking around that is and was. My introverted nature was ignored or punished as were my non-linear processing and organizing tendencies, leaving me believing I must be dysfunctional and messed up because I wasn’t ‘what’ many people in my life wanted me to be. I am pretty sure many in America, raised working-class or poor, have been impacted by what complete bigotry cookie-cutter, conformity-based human interactions and solutions are like. Politically, this is not about ‘we the people’ overall. It is about factioning, political power blocks and smaller in-group ideologies, along with interpersonal interpretations rather than important and responsive human connectiveness.

Another reader commented and reblogged about this on the
Laura the red-headed stepchild blog. She mentions oppression, racism, classism and how the damage involved is still largely ignored. I going even further-it may be acknowledged by all sorts of people, but politically, all sorts of lip service happens. Large scale societal change can take a long time to become more wide spread-the first step is awareness.

Alternative Beverages for the Holidays


Image courtesy of

I make a lot of smoothies. The following is a recipe for a batch I’m naming Fruit Nog:

3 cups watermelon
1 Granny Smith apple, cut and cored
2-3 bananas
12-15 cranberries
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/8 tsp ground cloves

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. The flavor is reminiscent of red hot candies without the heat, but the bananas give it the creamy texture similar to egg nog.
It makes 3-4 servings.
The following link is to another alternative, even more dessert-like:
Autumn Apple Nog from Palatable Pastime


How ‘Double Bucks’ For Food Stamps Conquered Capitol Hill : The Salt : NPR

Some people in America have recognized the part nutrition plays with poverty. The following link is about a program to help with that as well as helping smaller, local farmers: